ORIGINAL Invite for the BOOK 1

The brightest light is worth nothing when hidden in the cave

~ Kida ~
(from Disney movie Atlantis: Milo Returns)

Invitation to dance together in conversation, celebration and action
This is a place where our voice,
a quote,
a saying,
a paragraph,
a poem,
a song,
a story,
an article…
becomes bigger than us…
becomes a part of a collective consciousness…
a part of a brilliant whole

January 31, 2006 (first invite was sent to Cape Town Community and about 200 people around the world as Indigo-Rainbow Circle and a draft copy of the vision was shared including Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg on February 14, 2006 with Buyi Sishuba officially acknowledging it.)

this below was sent and circulatesd from March 3, 2006 to many people accross the globe

Dearest Soul Families

You are invited to be a contributing author or a producer (yeah.. it’s a label.. well) and submit your writings, bios, forwards, and appendixes, if your intuition and synchronicity leads you to.

Writings can consist of quotes, paragraphs, articles, stories, expression of feelings ranging from love and compassion to anger and frustration, poems, lyrics, rap songs, excerpts from a book or article, or anything else you would like to create or invent, that you feel may contribute for the humanity to move forward.

NO ONE will be turned away nor asked to edit the contents for being not suitable (see WARNING! below).   The reason is that every single person is an important brick on The Rainbow Bridge to The Golden City.  So every single person is loved for the contribution the person is making in building this bridge of transformation.

This is not about creating The Golden City of Jerusalem by making The Four Current Quarters of The Old City only Armenian Golden Quarter, or only Moslem Golden Quarter, or only Christian Golden Quarter, or only Jewish Golden Quarter, or only Indigo Golden Quarter, or only Music Golden Quarter, and so on.  It is about having a flow of love energy freely singing & dancing through all of the quarters and finding our own path and anchoring this path as a brick on the rainbow bridge, so when completed, we can all, with hands joined together, walk across into The New Golden City of Unconditional LOVE.


***Suggested Topics
  (in alphabetical order)

Action vs. Status Quo
Anger & Frustration (Warrior Personalities)
Celestine Prophecy Movie Screening
Comic Strip for Indigo Children
Copyright of Information
Drugs & Marihuana
G’d (Creator, Source, etc.)
Gossip vs. Direct Communication
Indigo Children
Labels (indigo, white, black, doctor, lawyer, Ph.D., janitor, etc.)
Money (currency exchange)
Rainbow Hackers
Religions (Traditional and Primal)
Responsibility (Individual and Collective Pillars)
Sponsorships vs. Traditional Donations
Trust and Surrender
WARNING! in front of the book

WARNING! needs re-writing and adjustments for the front of the book
(suggestions extremely welcomed)


Writings are NOT Censored

This book is dedicated to both the Indigo Children who did the shooting** at
The Columbine High School, As well as students and teachers who have been killed that day

One of the main characteristics of the warrior personalities of The Indigo Children is that they express their anger & frustration outwardly rather than inwardly.    When the feelings of anger and frustration are judged and have no channel to be communicated either at the controlled schooling system, a working place, shopping centers or at home, it becomes a charged energy that can explode and be expressed through yelling, swearing, stealing, braking things or even killing another living being.

So the purpose of the Indigo-Rainbow book series (as well as Tele-Festivals & Community Gatherings) is non-duality.  A place where + & -, male & female, good & bad, Ying & Yang, is not judged, but becomes one, and transcends right through the heart center.  So in addition to love, laughter, songs, music celebration being expressed here, it is also a safe place, with no discrimination, where a killing gun is replaced with open and clear communication with nothing holding back.  So the charged energy of anger, frustration, yelling and swearing, can be expressed and cleared, to open the space for co-creation and for joining hands together to make this world a better place for all.

So like with everything in life, we invite you to let your intuition and synchronicity lead you with a decision whether to read this book or not

Golden-Rainbow Villages

May the force of pure love essence be with every breath we take

SONG: Ready to Host the World by Ed Jordan & Neil Andrews

Ready To Host The World

(written by Ed Jordan & Neil Andrews)

Every child deserves to live their dream
i’ve got the heart to be a part
of a winning team
i might make it on my own
But i don’t want to be alone
So let’s join hands together
We’ll stay children forever
And make this world a better
place to be

Mama Mama Weh
Welcome to Africa

We’re ready to host the whole world
on our own
We’re ready to host the whole world
and open up our homes
To people like you and me
Young, Wild and Free
People like you and me
Part of one big family

Mama Mama Weh
Welcome to Africa

Every child deserves to find a friend
To stand besides, to stand with pride
to the very end
As we walk along life’s road
Let’s share each other’s load
Because we’re stronger together
Sister’s and brother’s forever
Let’s make our world a better
place to be

Every child deserves to sing a song
To shout out loud, above the crowd
so why don’t you sing along
For the future and fame
Of the world’s most beautiful game
Our time has only just begun
Let’s stay forever young
And make this world a better place to be

100% of the royalty goes to ABC for Life, a registered Non-Profit Organization, that supports children’s education in Cape Town, South Africa